You'd think living in Arizona one would be constantly tan. That was never the case for me. Despite having Sicilian roots, I didn't get the olive, sun-kissed skin tone. I received the genes that gave me pale, pink skin from my German side. While that porcelain look can be beautiful, I always preferred the way I looked when I had a tan. Unfortunately, it would take laying out for weeks to even get a little base color. With a father who was beginning to have issues with skin cancer, I knew my fair skin was susceptible to sun damage. That's when I turned to sunless tanning, with a preference for the flawless look achieved with spray tans.

Having a spray tan always made me glow and feel more confident in my own skin. I wanted to bring this feeling to other women, so I made the leap from corporate marketing to spray tanning. From there I added in spray tan body contouring, and natural teeth whitening. And because health is important to me, I only use products that are natural and chemical-free. I love helping women look and feel more confident in a safe, non-invasive way!

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Dear Clients & Friends

I am sad to announce that I have decided to take a break from tanning starting May 1st. This wasn't a decision I made lightly, but it's time for me to focus on different career endeavors and life adventures. I thank everyone who has supported me and helped me build my business.

I'll miss you all!